Peter Anderson – Drums

A two-time recipient of the Minnesota Music Award for best drummer, peterandersondrums has appeared as a drummer/percussionist on over 75 albums, and performed over 1000 shows in North America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Notable career milestones:

- first band, The Bloods, was together for 13 years.
- owner/operator of a 30” Zildjian ride cymbal.
- witnessed the collapse of the record industry in the late 90’s as an Interscope recording artist sustained by a diet of mostly calamari appetizers.
- wrote a song composed of Herbie Hancock samples for the purpose of having Herbie Hancock perform a solo over the middle eight. Attended the session where HH recorded his solo. This leads to a gig as Whitney Houston’s drum tech.
- gig as assistant engineer at Flowers Studio leads to replacing drum track on the 2007 Brian Setzer Orchestra recording of the Monday Night Fooball theme for ESPN.
- playing drums with Alison Scott for five people at a suburban wine bar leads to opening for Bon Jovi and an audience of 18,000 at the Excel Center in St.Paul.

In addition to being Alison Scott’s drummer since 2006, peterandersondrums also plays with the groups: Polara, The Honeydogs, The Ocean Blue, Freedy Johnston, Okemah Prophets, Willie Wisely Trio, Ryan Traster, and Reccordion.


Justin Rieken – Bass

Justin has been a bass player/singer in the Twin Cities for over a decade. In that time, he has played in front of thousands in amazing outdoor venues and tens in small bars without a stage. He has shared the stage with Grammy winners and platinum selling artists, then driven all night to play with high school band members performing for their theatre production.

His voice and playing have been featured on many recordings, both for commercial use and artists still trying to get noticed. Other sightings around town include gigs with Diamondhead, Mick Sterling and the Irresistibles, Cate Fierro, Kyle Tennis and Riverside Blues, Smokin’ Section and many others.





Charlie Peterson – Keyboardist

Charlie Peterson is a seasoned live and session keyboardist who has been professionally pounding the keys for over 20 years. Charlie grew up in the Twin Cities but relocated to St. Louis, MO during the college years, where he performed in a variety of bands, honing his chops with many of the city’s finest musicians. Upon returning to the Twin Cities, Charlie quickly made a name for himself as an adaptable, quick-study keys player. Charlie enjoys entering into the mix of a song to “listen for what’s missin’,” and adding auxiliary goodness wherever it’s needed.

Along with holding down the aux keys chair for Alison Scott, Charlie is also currently a member of Put Down the Muffin, Steeling Dan, the Covers, and A Band Called Soul. Charlie has also enjoyed providing keys for a variety of artist-specific tribute shows, produced by Mick Sterling.





Kyle Tennis – Guitar

According to local legend, “Kyle was born with a guitar in his hands”. With over 2500 performances in 30 bands, Kyle has traveled the world playing it all. Growing up on blues and soul, he fell in love with the guitar as a teenager, and dedicated his life to performing live. You’ll hear his raw blues roots mixed with his formal jazz and classical studies, not to mention his exhaustive experience covering pop, gospel, R&B, and rockabilly over the last decade. Plus he has ridiculously tall hair – you really should see it in person!