Alison Scott is the strongest voice to come out of Minneapolis in many years and her soulful, organic sound has quietly built a very large and loyal following.

While staying indier than indie and completely ignoring the hipster rulebook, through word of mouth with very little radio or media hype, Alison is making the kind of soul music that music fans love. True music lovers have always responded to an amazing voice singing great songs, and they always will- from Aretha to Adele, this is timeless music that transcends style and fashion, something for the silent majority of listeners who aren’t interested in fluffy pop or the trendy flavor of the month. She has spent the past eleven years working with multi-platinum guitarist/producer Kevin Bowe (Paul Westerberg, Etta James, Jonny Lang), with whom she released six albums.

Joining Scott on the stage are drummer Peter Anderson (Polara, Honeydogs), bassist Justin Rieken, keyboardist Charlie Peterson, and her newest band member-guitarist Kyle Tennis. Alison has become one of the most popular live acts in Minneapolis; she has sold out the Dakota Jazz Club over a dozen shows in a row, and is now filling 500 seat theaters. Alison’s releases have sold over 15,000 units and counting. She has spent the past several months in the studio working on her 6th release, STONE COLD LOVE, which debuted in August of 2015. Scott is also coming off of maternity leave from the birth of her second child, Harrison, who was born 12/12/15.

Press Quotes:

Tom Weber (Rochester Post Bulletin) – ”Scott, who has rapidly become one of the most acclaimed voices on the MN music scene, is a soulful singer par excellence.”

Youa Vang (City Pages) – “All artists hold a secret: the source of their creativity. Alison Scott hides hers under a controlled demeanor, but onstage comes alive as a soulful musician that shares original and astonishing personal music.”

Andrea Swensson (The Current) – “Alison Scott is back with a soulful, empowering new song [Go Out Swingin]—the best showcase of the true range of her voice to date.”

Jon Bream (MN StarTribune) – “She’s got pipes, personality, and an undeniable soulfulness.”

Chris Riemenschneider (MN StarTribune)-“Alison injects ample amounts of Southern soul and muddy grit into her music.”

Brian Turner (Cities 97 DJ) – “Don’t forget us when you’re a big star, which you will soon be.”

John Ziegler (Duluth Tribune) – “Somewhere between Carole King and Alicia Keys…a
force to be reckoned with.”

Pat O’Brien (City Pages) – “Alison’s songs are deceptively damaged and clever; she’s not
even remotely interested in pleasing the so-called hipsters.”

Ross Raihala (St. Paul Pioneer Press) – “Like an outtake from Dusty in Memphis, pure jaw dropping soul, steely conviction that’s hard to deny.”

Laura Bethel (Maverick Magazine-Kent,UK) gives her 5 stars – “Deep, raw, and very, very real. Alison Scott’s new record is devilishly appealing , sultry and sexy.”